From cushions and upholstery to blinds and bags, grain sack fabric is really rather diverse. 

When we were designing these handbags we considered how to make the most of the stripes and what material would work for the handles. 

Vintage grain sack stripy handbags

For the handles, leather was chosen for it's contrasting and complimentary texture to the rustic linen; whilst also being equally as hard wearing. 

These handbags have been designed with Mary Poppins in mind- they have lots of deep pockets on the inside!

Pockets on the inside of handbags

The lining of the handbags is also vintage linen, but finer that the outside vintage grain sack fabric. 

These linen handbags have a zip to close the bags to keep your valuables safe and sound. 

Vintage Hungarian sack fabric

Each one is a one-off design, in tones of grey, black and mushroom fawny brown. See the selection of handbags here