Why Beyond France?

Well that is a very good question! Maud Lomberg the founder of the company says that she named the company Beyond France as it reflects her vintage fabric journey,  travelling beyond the French markets to Germany and then on to Hungary and beyond seeking out vintage linens, kitchen towels and upholstery fabrics. 
Maud has a keen eye for handspun homespun linens because they have a greater range of weights and textures than any machine-made fabrics. 

She loved the Hungarian village lifestyle so much that she has a house in the south near the Croatian border.  This is where she discovered all the wonderful festivals and the traditional costumes which are part of the Beyond France reportoire. 

Over the year's Beyond France have assisted with many upholstery projects and interior design briefs, so if you have an old chair or a vision for some rustic blinds, do get in touch. You can always come for a consultation and to see the collection first-hand in Cirencester, Gloucestershire.    

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