Chair Upholstery Tips

At Beyond France we sell a lot of vintage linen and linen sack cloth for upholstery projects so here are some things to consider if you are embarking on a upholstering a chair:

A full reupholster or loose covers?   

Loose covers can make sense if it is just the arms that need repairing or if you have animals or small people - so that you can wash the covers. 


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What type of vintage fabric is suitable?  

For a full re-upholster it needs to be something that has a reasonable weight to it, so not a fine French linen sheet. 

The Hungarian handspun linen is great because of it's strength and durability. 

Vintage grain sacks are great for upholstery and these come in a range of weights thicknesses, and the stripes and monograms can be used for detail.  

Is Indigo-dyed linen fabric safe to use for upholstery? 

We have upholstered many a chair with indigo dyed sack cloth fabric. 

There are just a  couple of things to remember:

  1.  Hand-dyed indigo is a natural process and is therefore sensitive to sun-light. 
  2. Also be careful putting anything wet on to an indigo upholstered chair.

Chair upholstered in vintage Indigo dyed fabric

How much vintage fabric is required to upholster a chair?

From our experience we suggest four vintage linen grain sacks or two Hungarian vintage linen sheets to fully upholster an arm chair.